Publishing and DOIs

Publishing and DOIs#

We occasionally publish outputs with Digital Object Identifiers so that they can be more easily indexed, discovered, and referenced by others in the scholarly community. This page describes information about this process.


We use Zenodo for minting DOIs and publishing outputs.

We have a 2i2c Zenodo community that we use to upload and categorize any artifacts that warrant a DOI. Any 2i2c team member is welcome to add their Zenodo records to this community, and any team member may be added to the list of curators.

How to get access: Currently only the Executive Director has admin access to this community, because we haven’t figured out how to share access with multiple team members. If somebody discovers how to do so, we should update this section with instructions.

What kinds of things can be published?#

There isn’t a strict rule about what can be published to our Zenodo community, as we are still figuring this out. Feel free to publish anything that you think another person might want to reference.