Social media#

We use social media to signal boost and broadcast 2i2c’s impact to the broader community. Currently, we do not have a dedicated Social Media manager, so the responsibility for managing these accounts is spread amongst the team.

What to post on social media#

We use social media to signal-boost our efforts in 2i2c and upstream communities. Here are a few things to post:

  • Links to blog posts

  • Major announcements

  • Advertising job posts and other items we want to draw attention to

  • Re-tweeting and boosting other team members and their accounts

We don’t usually use social media to engage directly with other individuals or organizations, though it’s not explicitly forbidden. We just have not had the resources to plan for this kind of engagement.


Our Twitter handle is (@2i2c_org). Currently, there is nobody activately monitoring the Twitter account.

How to access: See .


Our Mastodon handle is (@2i2c_org). Currently, there is nobody actively monitoring the Mastodon account.

How to access: See .


Here is our LinkedIn page. We use LinkedIn roughly the same way that we use Twitter, though focus it more on signal-boosting blog posts and updates because fewer team members regularly use LinkedIn.

How to access: We can add page admins to our LinkedIn account, which gives others the ability to manage the account and post content. If you’d like to be added, ask one of the pre-existing account admins.