Communication strategy and overview

Communication strategy and overview#

There are many ways to communicate with the outside world, and we have limited resources to devote towards communication. As such, we focus our efforts around blog-style posts, with signal boosting via Twitter and Mailing Lists.

Quick overview#

This is a quick overview of how we should use these communication channels, see the sub-sections for more detail.

  • Mailing list: For calls to action, major announcements and summaries, and links to collections of blog posts and other resources. See What to post on our mailing list for more details.

  • Blog posts: For ongoing updates about what we’re up to and thinking about. Can be short or long, and as frequent as we like. More content is better, do not feel too stressed about getting it perfect! See What to post on the blog for more details.

  • Social media: For signal-boosting the above things and advertising other major activities in 2i2c as well as our team members. See What to post on social media for more details.

Goals in communications#

  • Provide transparency. Show what our organization is up to, what we are learning, why we make certain decisions, how major projects are advancing, etc.

  • Demonstrate impact. Highlight the impact that our work (via development, services, etc) has on other communities, and how it feeds into our mission.

  • Highlight services and features. Draw attention to features or workflows that are particularly useful for communities we serve.

  • Grow our reputation for expertise. Make it clear that we know what we are talking about, and are making valuable contributions across the stack.

  • Grow our reputation with open source. Demonstrate how we are being a good citizen in the open source communities we work with.

  • Signal-boost others. We should use our communication as a way of highlighting other people and efforts, both within and outside of 2i2c.

  • Do not claim undue credit for 2i2c. When working in collaboration with others in open source projects, highlight 2i2c as a “collaborator and member” of open source projects, not the sole creator.

  • Provide calls to action. If there is an action we’d like others to take (e.g., potential customers, or stakeholders of 2i2c) we should communicate this (e.g., via our mailing lists).