CS&S Administration#

There are a few ways in which we interact with Code for Science and Society. This page provides an overview.

CS&S Handbooks#

CS&S has two handbooks that have information and policy for the organization. These apply to anybody that is employed or contracted by 2i2c. Below are links to each:

E-mail addresses#

CS&S has a few email addresses that they use for different kinds of communication. The two major addresses are:

  • operations@codeforscience.org: To discuss invoices, contracting, etc. This includes most “administrative actions” that we need help with.

  • fsp@codeforscience.org: For more strategic and programs-level conversations.

Google Group#

We have a dedicated Google Group and e-mail that we use to provide CS&S team members access to our files.

  • css-admin@2i2c.org

This is because they need visibility into many of our operational information for bookkeeping and accountability purposes. It contains several adminsitrative and organizational leaders of CS&S. They are all listed as managers, so can add people on their own.

In Google Drive, you may add the css-admin@2i2c.org group to the sharing list for a folder or file and they will have access.

Asana board#

CS&S has an Asana board that they occasionally use to tack work items. You can find it at this link:

CS&S Asana Board.