Reimbursement and credit cards#

Our fiscal sponsor, CS&S, use a service called Ramp to handle all of our project billing and connect it with our grants.

If you’d like access to our Ramp account or need to use it, reach out to one of these people.

Our credit cards#

We have two Ramp credit cards: one that is designed specifically to reimburse cloud costs, and another that is for general purposes. This allows us to pay directly out of our organizational funds without requiring a team member to pay up-front.

Chris Holdgraf has the credit card information for these cards. Ask him if you need to use them.

Reimbursement process#

We do all of our reimbursements via our fiscal sponsor, CS&S. Here is the process that we follow:

  • For employees: Submit reimbursements via Ramp.

  • For contractors: Submit a separate line item on your monthly invoice, called Reimbursement - <item>

For contractors, we also need to include the following language in your contract:

Expenses: Organization agrees to reimburse Independent Contractor for all expenses reasonably incurred in the performance of the Engagement and approved by Organization in advance, upon presentation of supporting receipts and documentation.

If you do not wish to pay yourself#

If you do not wish to make the payment yourself, we can make a payment with our Ramp Credit Card. To do this, contact the Executive Director or the Partnerships Lead.

What can be reimbursed?#

We reimburse team members that take on expenses as part of doing their work, provided that these expenses are aligned with the mission and goals of 2i2c. Any reimbursement request will need to be approved by either CS&S or 2i2c’s Executive Director.

A good rule of thumb is to ask before you purchase something that you plan to reimburse in the future. As we understand our regular costs we will build a more sophisticated policy for what kinds of things can be reimbursed.

Currently, these are the expenses that we regularly reimburse:

  • Monthly / annual fees for online services that are used across the entire 2i2c team.

  • Cloud infrastructure costs incurred as part of our services.

  • Conference travel / registration for conferences that we agree are in-scope for 2i2c’s attendance.

  • Personal development / training for skills that are directly related to team responsibilities.

  • Infrequent equipment purchases for team members (computers, desks, etc) provided they are within a reasonable spend amount.

How to approve transactions in Ramp#

Someone with Administrator privileges in our Ramp account must approve any transactions that are made with Ramp. Here is the process that we follow for this:

  1. Go to the Ramp inbox. This should list any items that need action from you or others.

  2. If it is empty, then there’s nothing to do!

  3. If it has items for Review, click on each one and follow the prompts to include any important missing information.