Mailing list#

We use Mailchimp to send e-mails to individuals that have signed up for 2i2c’s mailing list.

This is a more attentive and personal audience than our blog, so we use the mailing list to signal boost particularly important information, or to ask others to signal-boost for us.

What to post on our mailing list#

  • Major community updates. Our quarterly / annual community updates that summarize our major progress and challenges.

  • Job postings. When we post a new job, share it with our mailing list and ask them to share it with their networks.

  • Major blog posts. If we write a blog post about our service that is particularly impactful or important, we can post it to our mailing list for extra visibility.

Access Mailchimp#

We have a single Mailchimp account and share access to team members via a single username/password. The Executive Director is responsible for this information, though others on the team may have it as well. If you’d like access, ask the ED or one of the team members with this information.

Send e-mails via Mailchimp#

Mailchimp is a little complex for our needs, as it is a full community management and communications service. However, it is still the simplest solution out there so here’s a quick guide on how to use it.

Mailchimp calls each e-mail a Campaign.

To see our preview e-mails: Click Campaigns -> All campaigns. You’ll see a list of the previous e-mails we’ve sent to our communities via Mailchimp.

To create a new e-mail: The simplest approach is to replicate a previous campaign. Go to the list of previous campaigns (see above), click the v next to the latest one, and click on Replicate. This will give you a pre-filled template with the same layout we’ve used before. Replace the content as you wish before sending.

Send new campaigns as your personal e-mail address (if you wish to identify personally with the e-mail), or with

Our contact list#

Users sign up to the newsletter via our landing page’s contact form at Email addresses are imported into Mailchimp for the newsletter. Do not manually add e-mail addresses unless you know somebody wants to be on this list.

To see our contact list in Mailchimp, go to Audience -> All contacts. You’ll see a list of names and e-mail addresses that have signed up for our Mailing list.