The Managed JupyterHub Service

The Managed JupyterHub Service is a special project that is run by 2i2c. It is an ongoing service, and thus is less development-oriented than projects that are funded by grants and collaborations.

The key goal of the 2i2c Managed JupyterHub Service is to launch a self-sustaining service that provides managed JupyterHub distributions to customers in research and education.

We are currently in the pilot phase of this project, with the goal of creating a basic shared infrastructure that can deploy, configure, and manage many JupyterHub distributions. We are also building a sales and support pipeline around this infrasturcture.

Where is information located?

Infrastructure and development happens in the pilot-hubs/ repository. This is both the deployment infrastructure for the 2i2c JupyterHubs, as well as documentation and team coordination around developing and running them.

User Documentation is located in the pilot/ repository. This contains user-facing information about the Pilot Hubs, such as how they can add/remove users, update their environment, get support, etc.

A list of running JupyterHubs

We keep a table with all of our currently-running JupyterHubs at this location: List of Running JupyterHubs.

Other project information