Positions and Salaries

This document represents the positions and salary levels that 2i2c uses. They are inspired by the hiring/salary structure of several tech companies1.


Each position at 2i2c takes the following form:

<role-name> L<level> - S<step>

For example, Open Source Infrastructure Engineer L2 - S3.

Here is a quick breakdown of this terminology and structure:


Positions are specific areas of focus and skills in 2i2c. The expectations and focus-areas within that role are set by Levels and Steps.


Levels are large and distinct jumps in terms of area knowledge, role complexity and overall scope. Higher levels generally mean less-oversight and more autonomy, higher expectations of quality, more work on design / strategy than implementation, etc.


Four steps are housed within each level and are meant to mark smaller milestones of growth in terms of ownership and initiative, as well as experience in the current role. These are generally not part of public materials, but are

Positions at 2i2c

Below is a list of positions that 2i2c currently uses.

Open Source Infrastructure Engineer

This role focuses on infrastructure that supports interactive computing. It intersects job titles such as “dev-ops engineer”, “site reliability engineer”, “software engineer”, and “cloud engineer”. This person should have experience with cloud infrastructure. They generally both operate 2i2c Hubs, as well as develop technology for them. In general, a minority of time should be spend operating hubs - we want to use operations as an opportunity to drive development and minimize human-in-the-loop maintenance.

Director of engineering

The director of engineering sets the technical strategy for 2i2c, as well as leads major technical initiatives for 2i2c infrastructure. Development work should be focused on architectural design and major infrastructure changes. This role defines the technical direction of 2i2c’s development efforts, and interfaces with 2i2c engineers to guide development in this direction.

Director of 2i2c

This role is the director of 2i2c. They oversee strategy, execution, and fundraising at 2i2c. They also ensure that 2i2c engineers are empowered to execute on their responsibilities, and thrive in their positions.


Salaries at 2i2c are determined solely by job title as well as several steps within that job (corresponding to experience in a particular job). Currently, the salary policy of 2i2c is listed on the careers page of our website. We additionally have internal salary documents for the specific positions and levels.


In particular, Buffer, Stack Overflow, and Basecamp