Scope and responsibilities#

Product guides the evolution of our service and technology in order to better achive our mission. It understands the perspective of the communities that we serve, and the kinds of individuals within those communities. It leads efforts to refine and prioritize our technical roadmap along with our engineering team. It leads efforts across the organization to refine our service model and how we talk about it.

Below are major areas of responsibility.

Understand and integrate stakeholder feedback#

  • Identify key internal and external community stakeholders that are crucial to 2i2c’s strategy.

  • Communicate with and learn from the stakeholders and partners that we serve.

  • Understand their pain points, needs, and how our services can help them have impact.

  • Align stakeholders on a shared plan for our services and products.

Guide and prioritize our deliverables#

  • Create and refine enhancements and deliverables to our services and products.

  • Prioritize deliverables for our engineering team to work on.

  • Document and describe changes for end-users.

Communicate service changes with external stakeholders#

  • Document our service and its functionality to external stakeholders.

  • Lead private or public communications that discuss new features, changes, and major ideas around our services and tools.

  • Serve as a point of contact for major development efforts or projects that involve external stakeholders.