Research delight hub#


The hub at is available for 2i2c Team Members to explore and use for their day-to-day work.

It serves as a showcase research hub for demonstrating workflows to other communities as well as a resource for collaboration within 2i2c.

Research Delight takes its name from the 2i2c Mission Statement:

Our mission is to make research and education more impactful, accessible, and delightful by developing, operating, and supporting infrastructure for interactive computing.

The hub is hosted on AWS in us-west-2 and supports multiple profiles and machine types.

Images and environment#

See 2i2c-org/researchdelight-image for additional information.

Data retention#

Research Delight is intended for day-to-day work but is not backed up and will generally track the bleeding edge of our infrastructure. It is important that all data, notebooks, and active work products are backed up in GitHub or another third-party service.