Set up a contractor with CS&S

Set up a contractor with CS&S#

If you need to contract work to an external person or organization, follow the steps below. Note that this is different from the process of hiring a contractor that is meant to be part of 2i2c’s team on an ongoing basis. For that use case, see Hiring process and information.

  1. Fill out the tables in the contractor agreement template

    CS&S has a contractor agreement template at this Google Doc.

    Copy it and fill out the top tables in coordination with the contractor and others at 2i2c.

    Choosing a grant code

    See What is my grant code?.

  2. Have the contractor prepare a Statement of Work. Most contractors have their own templates for an SOW, but if one doesn’t, here are a few pieces of information they should contain:

    • A general description of the service being provided and the need it is meeting.

    • The outcomes that we aim to achieve with this work.

    • The specific actions that will be taken as part of the work.

    • The pricing structure of the contract.

  3. Confirm the contract template with the contractor. Make sure the language looks reasonable and that the information is correct. If they have any changes they’d like to see to the contract, note it in the following step.

  4. Send an e-mail to requesting a new contractor agreement. Attach the contractor template you’ve filled out, as well as the Statement of Work. Add any requests or questions the contractor has about the contract language. cc the contractor so that they can follow up with CS&S if need be.

After this, CS&S should provide next steps and take it from there if they need any extra information or clarification.