Out of date Our cross-team workflow is being significantly re-worked, and this information is out of date.

This section describes how our leadership team carries out its planning and day-to-day work.

Meeting for organizational strategy#

We have a bi-weekly Organization and strategy meeting to discuss and refine major priorities across the organization. See our running notes for more information.

Strategic priorities board#

We have a special project board to track the priorities of each functional area. We update this roughly every quarter.

Strategic priorities

Organization-wide backlog#

We have a backlog to track organization-wide work items. These are generally championed by one of our leads, or by the executive director.

Organizational backlog

We also track our strategic objectives in this board.

Slack channel#

The #team-leads channel is a space for dedicated cross-organization and strategic conversation. All team leads must be a member of this channel, and any team member is welcome to join this channel.