Scope and responsibilities#

Oversee sustainability strategy#

  • Collect feedback from major stakeholders and define major plans around sustainability at 2i2c

  • Define overall goals to guide sustainability efforts at 2i2c

  • Forecast revenue to inform overall strategy

Represent this strategy internally and externally#

  • Amplify Voice of Partner for 2i2c stakeholders in internal discussions (e.g. with 2i2c’s engineering and support teams).

  • Collaborate with Product and Community Lead to represent Sustainability strategy in product/service decisions.

  • Communicate 2i2c’s sustainability strategy and model to external stakeholders

Design and develop new revenue mechanisms#

  • Establish and sustain revenue-generating relationships with partner organizations

  • Establish ongoing relationships with cloud vendors or resellers

  • Collaborate with product and engineering teams.

Identify, develop, and pursue funding opportunities#

For example:

  • Partnerships that grow our capacity

  • Grants for the organization or for deliverables

  • Philanthropy and giving

Manage our sales pipeline#

  • Oversee our leads and sales process.

  • Ensure that our sales pipeline is efficient, distributed-friendly, and scalable.

  • Balance our revenue, costs, and ability to deliver.

  • Oversee processes and systems that balance leads, sales, etc. For example:

    • costs <= amount sold <= delivery capacity

    • Leads --> opportunities --> sales --> service

  • Collaborate with Product and Community Lead around onboarding new communities.

Manage our invoicing pipeline#

  • Ensure that 2i2c is reliably invoicing for the work it is doing, and getting paid for these invoices.

  • Oversee systems for contracting and invoicing in partnership with Code for Science and Society.

  • Serve as a main point of contact for CS&S administrators that oversee billing.

Formalize our contractual relationships#

Oversee the creation of contracts and legal documents that are needed as part of our services (in collaboration with CS&S). For example:

  • Service Level Agreement

  • Support Expectations

  • Terms of Service

  • Privacy Policy

  • Right to Replicate

  • Information security breach response plan


  • Accessibility