Inspiration for 2i2c’s practices#

The Team Compass#

This team-compass is inspired by the team compass repositories used across the Jupyter ecosystem. For example:

In addition, it is inspired by several open company handbooks from companies and organizations dedicated to transparency. In particular:

Organizational influences#

These are organizations that have influenced the structure and practices of 2i2c (both as organizations to emulate, as well as avoid emulating).

Organizational structure / culture#

  • GitLab - is a large open-core company that is innovative in its remote- and async-friendly organization as well as its transparency.

  • Basecamp - is a remote-only company that has been successful for many years. They also publish much of their company culture/practices online.

Open core / SaaS inspiration#

Interesting SaaS with an open-core offering.

  • Discourse - offers an open source hosted community forum application. They do a good job of walking the line between community values and sustainability (e.g., see the discourse about page

  • RStudio - creator of the popular RStudio IDE for the R programming language. RStudio is a B-corporation that does an excellent job of cultivating an open and inclusive community around its products and open source ecosystem.

For-profit companies with interesting histories that we should avoid becoming.

  • Wikia / Fandom - similar to the Wikimedia Foundation but a for-profit company offering wiki hosting that is ad supported / paid.

  • Reddit - used to be open source code / infrastructure before it was acquired by Conde Nast!

Academia-focused companies/non-profits#

  • Ithaka - is a non-profit organizations that provides scholarly services for the academic community.

  • Internet2 - provides a variety of infrastructure and technical services to the academic community. Their technical expertise has shifted over the years but they’ve done a great job of remaining relevant and useful partners.


Here are a few excellent guides for writing good documentation: