Send invoices to CS&S#

This page describes the process for sending invoices to our fiscal sponsor, Code for Science and Society.

This includes any team members that are paid off of fixed-term contracts and submit monthly invoices for their work.

Invoicing process#

  1. Read the CS&S invoicing instructions. CS&S has instructions to invoice here. This is what you’ll follow.

  2. Prepare an invoice. If you do not have one, here is a template to get you started.

  3. Confirm your grant code. You will need to supply a grant code for your invoice. See What is my grant code?.

  4. Send it to and These are both organizational accounts to track the invoices and ensure visibility across the organization.

  5. Do not hesitate to ask about the status of your invoice. The above steps should be all you need to do, but do not hesitate to reach out again if things seem to be going slow.

Invoice template#

Here is an invoice template that you can copy and modify. It is designed for a contractor, so some fields may not be correct. Make the modifications needed to include the information requested in the CS&S link above.

What is my grant code?#

Most reimbursements require a grant code. Each team member is paid from one or more grants so this helps CS&S know which account to draw from. The Executive Director is the final say on which grant code is paying a given team member, but generally it is the same grant paying you over time.

To find a list of grant codes:

  • Locate our latest monthly account statement from CS&S.

  • See the Income Statement (Profit and Loss) tab.

  • In the Account row, each item is a grant, it has the form:


    You want the value of GRANTCODE.