Accounts and cloud access#

We run a variety of service and cloud infrastructure, and have many GitHub repositories and ongoing services dedicated to this.

Our infrastructure repository#

You can find all of the information about our infrastructure and how to access it in the 2i2c-org/infrastructure repository.

Who has access to cloud infrastructure#

Our Engineering Team has access to all of the cloud infrastructure that we run for each community. In addition, some other team members may be given access in order to facilitate supporting and engaging with communities.

The list of 2i2c staff that have access to our infrastructure is here: Access and credentials.

PagerDuty Account#

We have a paid PagerDuty account at This is used for our uptime monitoring and reporting services. See Simple HTTPS uptime checks for more details.

GitHub bot accounts#

We have two GitHub bots that help us automate things.

For more information about these bots, see this GitHub issue.