Organizational structure#


This page is a work-in-progress as we define the major organizational areas of 2i2c. Some links might be missing or in-the-works!

This section describes the major structure of 2i2c and how it is broken into functional groups and teams. More detailed information about the structure and roles of each area is found in the structure/ section of that area.

Fiscal sponsorship#

2i2c is a fiscally sponsored project of Code for Science and Society, a US 501(c)(3) public charity[1].

Organization-wide areas#

The following areas apply across the entire organization. They are led by the Executive Director and responsibility is delegated to a variety of team members across the organization.

  • Operations: Oversees our systems for coordination, planning, and executing our work according to our goals.

  • People operations: Policies and practices for personnel, hiring, salaries, benefits, and time off.

  • Open Source: Our upstream and open source engagement strategy to ensure we have healthy relationships with communities we rely on.

  • Finance: Our accounting and financial systems and strategy.

  • Communication: Strategy and practices for communicating 2i2c’s impact and operations with external communities.

  • Administration: Carry out ongoing organizational tasks that are needed to keep 2i2c running on a daily basis.

Functional areas#

Functional areas are organized around responsibilities, skills, and career tracks. They have dedicated leads that are defined in the Structure and roles section of each area.

Reporting lines are within a functional area, meaning that team members should report to somebody that has held a similar job in the past.

  • Engineering: Develop and operate our technical and cloud infrastructure, to ensure that it is reliable and scalable.

  • Partnerships: Identify opportunities for impact, cultivate new relationships, and oversee our sustainability plan to ensure that we have sustainable and scalable impact.

  • Product: Understand the perspective of our partner communities and guide the evolution of our infrastructure and services, in order to ensure they have a positive impact.

Steering Council#

The Steering Council defines the mission, vision, and values of 2i2c. It also provides oversight to the Executive Director.

It has a more unique structure and role within 2i2c, and is documented at the link below.

Executive Director#


Ensures that 2i2c has the right strategy, structure, resources, and alignment to accomplish its mission. Oversees the creation of 2i2c’s strategic planning and coordination, and actively engages the Steering Council and others at 2i2c in these efforts.

The Executive Director oversees organizational areas that do not have their own lead, and oversees team leads. They make tie-breaking decisions if they are at an impasse in decision-making.

Relationship to others#

The Executive Director reports to the Steering Council.

Group leads of 2i2c report to this role.

They are currently the primary interface to CS&S administration.

Membership: The current Executive Director of 2i2c is listed on the Our Team page of the website.