Product Lead#


This role is new, and we must define its responsibilities, metrics for success, etc more clearly. As a starting point to describe this role, below we provide the text we used in the job posting.

The Product Lead is a senior-level role that will be instrumental in shaping 2i2c’s product vision, strategy, and execution of our “product function” within the team. You’ll own the product vision, align it with user needs, and translate it into a clear product roadmap which defines cross-functional priorities and guides our partnerships and engineering teams, enabling efficient product delivery and continuous improvement.

You’ll have a good level of technical understanding and be genuinely interested in the 2i2c offering, ideally having worked previously with platform teams and/or worked at a very detailed level alongside engineers and/or were a software Engineer yourself. In addition, recent experience in, or a good understanding of, Product Operations would be essential to your success in this role.

What you’ll do#

The Product Lead would work with others, in particular the Delivery Manager and the Engineering Manager, to design a process to measure and track the flow of work through the team. You’ll shape the future of our product by gathering and distilling ideas from the collective group, fostering a shared vision. Working collaboratively, you’ll drive the development of our product and effectively position the product as a key function within our organization.

On a day to day basis you’ll:

  • Define and own the product vision and strategy assuming ‘the voice of the user’, and doing so collaboratively and inclusively with our team and key stakeholders.

  • Create a clear product roadmap that guides the engineering and partnerships teams and ensures alignment with the organizational vision.

  • Collaborate closely with our engineers and users in partner organizations (researchers, educators etc.) to translate the product roadmap into actionable plans and tasks, managing a structured product backlog and sign-off of completed deliverables.

  • Prioritize the product backlog based on impact, feasibility, and partner needs, ensuring alignment with the product roadmap.

  • Define and manage a system to integrate and prioritize reactive tasks and contributions from the JupyterHub open-source community, which will in some instances shape the product direction in real-time.

  • Working collaboratively with users to understand their news, gathering feedback and insights that shape the product vision and roadmap.

  • Elicit insights and incorporate the deep experience from the Engineering team into the product vision and roadmap.

  • Measure and enhance efficiency, quality, and flow within the product development lifecycle, incorporating ProductOps principles.

  • Optimize processes to ensure a smooth and streamlined flow of work, promoting a structured and efficient product delivery approach.

About you#

Your expertise in product management will complement the profound knowledge of our existing Engineering and Partnerships teams, as well as our partner and key stakeholder communities.

Essential experience#

  • Previously worked with platform products and teams and/or worked at a very detailed level alongside engineers.

  • Proficient in defining and articulating a clear product vision and strategy, aligning it with partner needs and organizational goals. You must be able to do this collaboratively and inclusively.

  • Excellent communication and stakeholder management skills, ensuring a thorough understanding of requirements and fostering effective collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

  • Strong ability to translate product vision into a structured roadmap, prioritizing features and tasks based on impact, feasibility, and partner needs.

  • In-depth understanding and experience with the product development lifecycle, from ideation to delivery.

  • Familiarity with Product Ops principles, focusing on enhancing efficiency, quality, and flow within the product development lifecycle.

  • Skilled in optimizing processes to ensure a smooth and streamlined flow of work.

  • Strong grasp of technical concepts and proficient communication skills to effectively engage with engineering teams, comprehending the technical intricacies of product development.

  • Proven expertise in the application of user-centric research and design principles and methodologies.

Nice to have skills#

  • Experience working with distributed and remote-first teams, understanding the challenges and dynamics associated with remote collaboration.

  • Experience with asynchronous working and associated best practices, allowing for productivity and collaboration across different time zones.

  • Familiarity with open-source contributions, gained from environments where open-source collaboration and contributions are common.

  • Experience working directly with Platform, DevOps, or Site Reliability engineers, understanding the intricacies of platform-based product design and development.