Where to look for information

Where to look for information#

There are three major sources of information within 2i2c:


The most stable form of information in 2i2c is documentation that our teams maintain. This is where most information about 2i2c exists. Here are a few major documentation sources for 2i2c:

Google Drive#

We have a Shared Google Drive that contains all of 2i2c’s documents that don’t fit into GitHub. It is accessible to everybody at 2i2c, using your @2i2c.org account.

It is called 2i2c Team Drive and should be accessible on the left under Shared Drives.

Google Drive doesn’t let you link to a Shared Drive directly, so here’s a link to the Engineering folder in the drive. Navigate up one folder to find the Share Drive root.

2i2c Team Drive


There are still some files in the old team drive that we have not yet moved over. These are mostly assets from earlier partnerships that are trickier to move. See the old Drive folder if you need anything there.

Public GitHub Issues#

Most of our conversations, planning, and work tracking happens in GitHub. See Workflow for more information.

Private GitHub Issues#

There are a few repositories that we use for tracking private conversations and issues. This is usually personally sensitive or identifiable information, or information that needs to be private until decisions or deals are finalized.

  • 2i2c-org/meta: Private team and organizational conversation.

  • 2i2c-org/leads: Tracking and discussing potential collaborations, partnerships, and communities for our hub service.