2020 Meeting Notes#


Chris Holdgraf#

Thanks I’d like to give 🙌#

  • Yuvi has helped me a bunch in figuring out technical scope of work / needs for a few collaborator proposals. Thanks Yuvi!

Updates from last two weeks ✔#

  • Most of my time these last few weeks has been spent on organizational stuff (see the #org-updates channel in the Slack for some updates there)

  • I’ve been attending the Jupyter Meets the Earth bi-weekly meetings, and will help advise on documentation and using Jupyter Book

  • We’ve also been in touch with the education team at Berkeley to work out a system of collaboration for community colleges that are using the educational hubs. Going to meet early next year to get things started.

What I’m up to next ⬜#

  • Finishing up some proposals for collaborations with other geoscience use-cases in 2i2c

  • Finding some opportunities to align development between the JMTE grant and 2i2c