Google workspace#

We have a Google Workspace account that gives us e-mail addresses with GMail, Google Drive, and a few other services as well.

Administrator console#

We access and configure our account via the Google Workspaces admin panel at

To access it, click on Admin Console.

Access and permissions#

Any team lead should have administrative access to this space - if you don’t then please request it and it will be granted.

Groups and shared e-mails#

We use Google Groups to define e-mail inboxes that we share between team members. We also use this to provide group access to files and folders in our shared Google Drives.

To see a list of all Google Groups at 2i2c:

  • Go to with your 2i2c account.

  • Click on All groups to see all groups at 2i2c.

Add new members#

You may add new team members to our Google Workspace account via the Admin Panel. This will give them Google Drive access as well as an account. However, we pay monthly for every person-specific e-mail address.

As a rule of thumb, any team members of 2i2c get a workspace account. In addition, Steering Council members may get an account as well if they wish and if they intend to actively use it.