Technology Lead


Technology Lead#

The Senior Open Source Infrastructure Engineer (SOSIE) role is designed to help guide our team and cultivate a healthy and productive culture. It is heavily inspired by On being a senior engineer.

This role focuses their efforts on our infrastructure, but spends a lot of their time guiding others, focusing on particularly complex infrastructure design and development, and interfacing with other teams and stakeholder communities to help guide our development.


Below is a short list of expectations for this role.

  • Solve complex technical problems with broad, cross-project scope, often involving co-ordination with multiple teams across different open source projects.

  • Acts as a point of escalation for complex technical problems, preferring to solve them with collaborative guidance rather than ‘just doing it’.

  • Coordinate with product/business teams on roadmap priorities, and provide implementation suggestions and effort estimates.

  • Provide guidance on major strategic questions in infrastructure and engineering team strategy

  • Helps grow other engineers via mentorship, code & design review, and sponsorship to find opportunities for them

  • Act as a role model for positive, inclusive, and constructive team dynamics.

Membership: This role is currently filled by @yuvipanda on a volunteer basis.