Hiring process and information#

This page contains information about the hiring process at 2i2c. It is meant to be a helpful guide and resources to streamline hiring in the future.

Define a Hiring Lead and Team#

The hiring team is a transient team that is put together for the purpose of hiring a new team member. Here are its major roles:

Hiring Lead#

The Hiring Lead oversees the hiring process for a candidate. They are usually the direct supervisor of the person to be hired.

Hiring Committee#
Hiring Team#
Hiring Team Members#

Individuals that help out with various parts of the hiring process. We aim to spread the load of serving on hiring committees across team members, and try to have committee members for individuals that will work closely with the new hire.

Create a new hire with Greenhouse#

See this guide to the hiring process with Greenhouse for steps to create and run a new hire with 2i2c.

We use the Greenhouse hiring platform to manage our hiring process. Access to Greenhouse is provided by our fiscal sponsor, CS&S.

Make a formal job offer for CS&S#

Once we’ve reached informal agreement with a candidate, make a copy of this information gathering document and follow the instructions.

Targeted hiring process#

Sometimes, we detect an outstanding person that we might want to hire without a public process. In this case, form a Hiring Team and fill in the Targeted hiring sections of the Formal job offer template.