GitHub organization#

Organization plan#

We have a GitHub Team Organization that is free due to our non-profit status. Here’s a list of features in GitHub Team status.

We may need to re-apply for membership for this each year.


  • @2i2c-team. For every staff member and key collaborator of 2i2c. It should provide access to all private 2i2c repositories.

    In addition, there are several sub-teams underneath 2i2c Team, grouped by topic area. Team members are added to one of these teams, and inherit 2i2c Team status from this.

  • @collaborators. For external collaborators that we would like to officially list in a team. For example, if we want to quickly @mention a group of people or control fine-grained permissions of repositories.

    This team does not come with any special repository permissions on its own.

Administrator access#

Some individuals have administrator access to our GitHub organization. This allows them full control over the organization and its settings (including destructive actions).

We currently do not have a policy for who has administrator access, so ask around if you believe that you need it. We will define a policy for access in the future.

Repository access#

Members of @2i2c-team have access to all 2i2c repositories, including private repositories. For non-members of this team, access is granted on a repository-by-repository basis.

We do not have a policy for who may access repositories, so use your best judgment.