The 2i2c Team Compass#

This Team Compass is a guide for team members of 2i2c to navigate our organization and community[1]. It is our team’s primary knowledge base.

The Team Compass is the Source of Truth!

If you see information that is out of date, propose an edit in the team compass repository. To propose an edit directly from the documentation, click -> .

Structure of the Team Compass#

Major sections#

The team compass is roughly divided into four sections:

  • Organizational documents are relevant to the entire organization. Everything from our mission and values, to our processes for administration.

  • Functional Areas are major focus areas of 2i2c that have their own practices and roles.

  • Managed JupyterHub Service is cross-functional documentation aimed at describing our Managed JupyterHub Service processes.

  • Reference collects reference material, lists, and guides for doing many things across 2i2c.

Common pages in each section#

Each of our top-level sections tends to have one or more of the same four pages:

  • Scope and responsibilities ( describes the major focus areas and responsibility for this area.

  • Structure and roles ( describes any formal roles, job titles, and team structures for this area.

  • Workflow ( describes how this area coordinates and works with one another.

  • Governance ( how this area makes decisions, and what roles have decision-making authority if any non-standard structure is used.

  • Strategy ( describes the major approach that this area takes towards its work and accomplishing its goals.

Below you’ll find a list of the sections in our Team Compass.

Organizational documents#

These documents cover the whole organization and are relevant to everybody at 2i2c.

Functional Areas#

Functional areas each have their own leads, goals, and structures.

Managed JupyterHubs Service#

2i2c oversees a single major effort, which is building a sustainable service to make interactive computing with open source infrastructure more accessible and scalable. We act as a cross-functional team around this service, and share many responsibilities and duties. We document some major aspects of this service in the sections below.

Team Reference#

Reference and archival information for our teams.