Budget projections#

Our budget projection model begins with a source of truth about our current and historical costs and revenue, and then projects into the future by making assumptions about these numbers.

Feel free to edit and experiment

The projections sheet is a tool to be used to understand how our hiring and cost decisions will affect our finances moving forward. Feel free to experiment with adding new line items to help guide decision-making about our costs.

It is stored as a Google Sheet at the following link:

Budget projections model

Update our budget projections model#

Each month, we get a new batch of accounting data from CS&S. We use this as an opportunity to update our budget projections, which includes the following actions:

  • Confirm that our Contracts information is correct.

  • Flag any items that require extra attention, such as Contracts that will expire soon.

  • Update our financial projections and calculate a new runway for 2i2c.

Here’s a document with the process to update the budget projections.

Roles and responsibility for tracking our contracts portfolio#

Our monthly process for tracking our contracts portfolio requires input from CS&S, the Delivery Manager / Chief of Staff and the Partnerships Lead. Both need to cultivate an ongoing understanding of the portfolio to:

  • Be able to update it as a source of truth

  • Identify accounting or contractual deviations.

Delivery Manager’s responsibilities#

The Delivery Manager is responsible for monitoring the systems that we have for tracking contracts in collaboration with the CS&S team. Accounting deviations or concerns will be reported to the Partnership Lead.

The Delivery Manager is responsible for refining this process over time.

Partnership Lead’s responsibilities#

The Partnership Lead is responsible for taking actions to follow up with communities and/or triggering processes in CS&S to move actions forward. They work closely with the Delivery Manager to ensure the system is working effectively.