Scope and responsibilities#

Our cross-functional processes focus on high-level priorities, strategy, and ensures we are distributing attention and resources across the organization correctly.

Here are this area’s major responsibilities:

Embody our values and team practices#

Our leadership team are the standard-bearers of our organizations, they set an example for everyone in the organization. They should strive to follow best practices in collaboration with distributed teams, and should embody the values of our organization.

Identify our most important problems and how to solve them#

Define the priorities in each functional area so that they are coherent and feed into our organization’s goals. Turn these goals into a concrete plan, and oversee efforts to execute on this plan.

Collaborate across areas#

Share context and information across 2i2c’s areas (especially with other team leads). Align on shared priorities with other areas, and identify opportunities for areas to work together. Coordinate with team leads to ensure that we have the resourcing and capacity needed to do so.

Hold one another accountable#

Hold other team leads, as well as those in your area, accountable for their work. Ensure that we live up to our values, that we follow best practices in distributed collaboration, and that we adhere to our strategic priorities.

Delegate power and responsibility#

Choose how to divide the work needed to solve their area’s most important problems, and delegate to other team members as necessary. Design new roles and staffing needed to accomplish the goals in your area. Oversee systems of coordination and work to accomplish these goals (or, explicitly delegate this responsible to another).

Advocate for and seek resources#

Identify needs for new resources in order to accomplish your area’s priorities. This might be in the form of diverting pre-existing team capacity, or seeking funding to grow our capacity in new ways. Make a plan for how we will meet these capacity needs, and lead efforts to find the resources needed.